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16th August 2012 Social Firing Day


A very enjoyable day’s firing at Highfield Ceramics for 20 Westcountry Potters. Photographs by Karen Edwards

We had a great, if rather damp day and made an impressive variety of raku and smoke fired pots which we are proudly showing off in Rosie’s studio in the last photo. A feature of these days is always the way in which everyone joins in and we all learn from each other.
The other photos in order show some pots covered in resist material ready to go into Tim Gee’s smoke firing; members decorating their pots in the studio before firing; Tim igniting some combustible material on a pot with a blow torch and Claire Murray lifting a fired pot from her wood burning kiln.
Everyone brings food to these events so we ended the day with a marvellous meal in Rosie and Giles’ dining room. Potters are always great cooks too! John Watson

Participating on the day were : Tim Gee, Kati V’amos, Elaine Hughes, Claire Murray, John Watson, Rosie Edmonston-Low, Norma Harris, Karen Edwards, Sarah Hitchens, Anita Peach, Kate Bartholomew, Jeanne Gimblett, Virginia Markham, Jane Gabbatiss, Adrian Bates, Alan Williams, Janie Ramsey, two guests, Jude Thorne, Jilda Miller, Chris Wyatt, Cresta Glass, Joy London, Anne Hewlett, Susannah Bradley, guest, Tony Worthington, Anne Rigby and Mike Cowton