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Online Demonstration by Sally and Neil MacDonell


Sunday 31st January at 11am
Email invites have been sent to WPA members

Both handbuilders, Sally and Neil MacDonell bring their individual flair and technical mastery to their subjects.  Sally is fascinated by people and the way slight gestures or expressions alter communication.  Her female figures have a delicacy of feature but a very strong presence – these women are not to be messed with!  The figures are built hollow and vary in scale from 10cm high to 50cm or more.  Initially the sculptures were smoke fired, but more recently Sally has been using underglazes and engobes, exploring the way these can echo aged and eroded surfaces.

Neil is inspired and intrigued by architectural and industrial landscape, derelict buildings, antiquities and tribal masks.  His sculptures and wall pieces combine a rich variety of textures and motifs with an air of mystery. He combined a career in art and ceramics teaching with making his own work, becoming a fulltime potter in 1992. He has a vast library of pressmoulds and stamps, often using oxides to highlight intricate detail.  The human face is a central theme to his sculpture, sometimes glimpsed behind a screen or sometimes supporting an architectural structure, always intriguing.

Both are members of the CPA and have exhibited their work widely both here and abroad, being regular participants at major ceramics festivals such as Art in Clay and Potfest in the Park.  They demonstrated for WPA some 10 years ago and we are really looking forward to this chance to see them in action again.

For more information and images, see their website or their Instagram page, @macdonellceramics.