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social firing day 2017


11th August 2017, 10.30am – 8pm
Congratulations to everyone who participated in the hugely successful social firing day and to the firing teams who made it all possible.
John Watson led and organised the day in conjunction with our hosts, Rosie and Giles at lovely Highfield Ceramics, Tiverton, where the social firing day has been based for some years now.
On the day, we had Annie Sykes, Marian Beresford and Elaine Hughes doing sterling work with wood firing, John Watson, Tony Smither and Abi Higgins firing a multitude of raku pots, Sue Rouillard smoke firing many foil wrapped pieces and Karen Edwards demonstrating the obvara glaze technique with a preprepared yeast glaze mix on very hot bisque fired pots. Giles Edmonston-Low did a microwave glaze demonstration. Firing helpers were Rose Ellis, Patsy Lang, Kim Langley and Lorraine Gilroy
This all gave plenty of variety and excitement for the assembled potters; some of whom were on a rota of helpers to support the firing teams throughout the day. Thank you if you were one of these; this plus the work of everyone to see the day through and clear away afterwards meant that we could all enjoy it so much more.
A great day with many superb results and lots of positive networking between potters.
Attending on the day were:
Jane Alexander, Linda Brown, Claire Davey-Potts, Susan Eckles, Melanie Edwards, Peter Foreman, Anna Grayson, Dorothy Hammond, Norma Harris, Anna Hearn, Malcolm Holness, Sheila Holness, Babs Kirby, Lynne McDonagh, Amanda Singer, Clare Sykes, Jude Thorne, Lyn Wharton, Alan Williams, Jax Williams, Julia Worwood plus guests Jo Coffey and Des Clark