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WPA Newsletter 102 - January 2010


This newsletter, edited by Livia Germano, includes:
– Article entitled ‘A Devon Life for Potters’ by Rod Pike
– Reminder about WPA Exhibition at Duchy Square by Frank Martin
– Preview of Jack Doherty AGM Demonstration by Karen Edwards
– Information about WPA Open Exhibition 2010 by Frank Martin
– Obituary for Chris Richards by Rod Pike
– Information about Visit to Ceramics Fair in Paris by Livia Germano
– Article entitled Mixed Media? by Doreen Gardner
– Review of New V&A Ceramics Galleries by Rod Pike
– Report on Ross Emerson Workshop Visit by Ysabel Winzar, Mariette Rennie and Jennifer Hawkin
– Review and photographs of Francoise Dufayard Demonstration by Bunty Pike with Technical Notes by Livia Germano
– The WPA Website: a Reminder by Doreen Gardner
– Article entitled `It Doesn’t Have to be Like That’ by Evelyn Perkins

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