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WPA Newsletter 107 - November 2010


This newsletter, edited by Livia Germano, includes
– Article on Firing Up by Doreen Gardner
– Information about Social Lunch and Pot Handling Session at Burton Art Gallery by Karen Edwards
– Review and Photographs of Alan Foxley Demonstration by Rod Pike, Hilary Luce and Mariette Rennie
– Notes on Alan Foxley’s Building Technique by Doreen Gardner and Hilary Luce

– Photographs of Clay 17 Exhibition by Doreen Gardner and Tony Smither
– Information about Precious Metal Clay by Anita Peach
– Review of Microkiln Demonstration by Karen Edwards
– a highly informative article on Wood-Fired Dustbin Kiln Raku Firing by Elaine Hughes
– Article on Atelier: a New Gallery in North Devon by Tracey Benton
– Review of WPA Show at Saltram House by Sue Rouillard

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