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WPA Newsletter 121 - March 2013


This newsletter, edited by Adrian Bates, includes:
– Advance information about Exeter Potters’ Market by Kat Jenkins
– Review and photographs of Svend Bayer and Clive Bowen Exhibition by Lorraine Gilroy
– Images from Hatfield 2012 by Karen Edwards
– Preview of Gabrielle Koch Presentation by Jeanne Gimblett
– Preview of WPA 20th Anniversary Exhibition by John Watson

– Review and Photographs of WPA Social Lunch at Broomhill by Doreen Gardner
– Preview of Jennie Hale Workshop visit by Joanne Richards
– Preview of Ceramic Festival at Cockington Court by Peter Stride and Lorraine Gilroy
– Preview of David Winkley studio visit by Karen Edwards
– Preview of Exhibiting at the Contemporary Craft Fair by Doreen Gardner
– Preview of Social Firing Day by John Watson
– article on Exhibiting Your Work by Doreen Gardner

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