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WPA Newsletter 30 - October 1997


This newsletter, edited by Heather Strong, includes:
– Editorial by Heather Strong
– List of Regional Editors – Tony Smither (South Devon), Pauline Ivimey-Cook (Mid and North Devon), Joanne Richards (Central Somerset), Frances Mansfield (South Somerset), Julia Hamilton (East Cornwall), Jean Craven (West Cornwall), Mignon Korn (Avon)
– Chairman’s Letter, including details from Hatfield by Doreen Gardner

– Report from Nancy Wells, Activities Officer
– Publicity Officer’s Report by Mariette Grantham
– Letter to the Editor by Mariette Grantham
– Information Needed/Potters in New Zealand by Ben and Elke Lucas
– Joint Exhibition Officer’s Report by Hugh West
– Potters Tips from Mark Donaldson

– Tips from Cranford Barn Pottery by Roger Harris
– More Potters’ Tips and an Invitation by Peter Stride
– Book Review by Kate Bilson
– Report from South Devon by Tony Smither
– Report from South Somerset Area by Frances Mansfield
– Westcountry Potters Association Fair, Bickleigh, Devon by Alan Clark

– International Potters’ Festival, Aberystwyth Arts Centre 1997 by Alan Clark
– The International Potters’ Festival Aberystwyth 1997 by Marion Valder
– Comments on Aberystwyth and Potfest by Nic Harrison
– Potfest by Marion Valder
– Visit to Fran and Frank Benatt at Lower Allerton Farmhouse by Treston Holmes

– Visit to Fran and Frank Benatt’s Allerton Pottery and Michael Skipworth’s Lotus Pottery by Peter Lee
– Workshop Visit to Rowena Kinsman by Joanne Richards and Treston Holmes
– Palestinian Pottery Making Film at Museum of Mankind by Joanne Richards
– Visit to Hatfield 1997 by Mariette Grantham
– Experiences of Exhibiting in Taunton Library by Kate Thompson

– Christmas Sales:
– Svend Bayer Annual Pre-Christmas Sale
– Christmas Sale at Welcombe Pottery, Bideford
– 17th Annual Christmas Special with Nic and Jackie Harrison
– Nancy Wells, Christmas Sale, Somerset

– Items of Interest to Potters, including:
– Walter Keeler illustrated lecture on his role at Harrow School of Art, held at Linnean Society, near Royal Academy, London
– List of Forthcoming Exhibitions by Joanne Richards

– Advertisements:
– Cranford Barn Glazes by Roger Harris
– Creative Pottery Breaks with Mark and Pauline Donaldson
– Bruce Chivers, Vacuum Formed Fibre Kilns
– Haughton Hare Pottery Supplies, Bickleigh, Tiverton
– Lotus Pottery Supplies, Michael Skipworth, Stoke Gabriel, Nr. Totnes
– Summer Workshops with Ian Gregory, Dorset
– New Video, Tim Andrews in his Studio, Throwing/finishing/burnishing/firing pots, etc, running time 46 minutes, £18 plus £2 P&P
– For Sale, Surplus Materials, Flint and Soda Feldspar, Bodmin
– Free Advertising in the WPA Newsletter for Members by Heather Strong

– Advert for Studio Pottery Magazine, £18 annual subscription for current members of UK pottery associations, full price is £32
– Welcome to Eight New Members

– Committee October 1997 including Chairman Doreen Gardner, Secretary Peter Lee, Treasurer Mark Donaldson, Activities Officer Nancy Wells, Joint Exhibition Officers Lorraine Coles and Hugh West, Publicity Officer Mariette Grantham, Membership Secretary Treston Holmes, Minuting Secretary Nicola Raffan, Newsletter Editor Heather Strong
– In Addition to Regional Editors listed on Newsletter cover, Book Reviewer Kate Bilson, Mailing of Newsletters Victor and Wendy Holst, Assistant Activities Officer Maggie Scott

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