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WPA Newsletter 70 - June 2004


This newsletter, edited by Doreen Gardner and Tony Smither, includes:
– Events and Exhibitions by Andrew Bryden
SWP Conference by Karen Edwards
– From the Secretary by Mariette Rennie
– Letters to the Editors from Liz Challis and Mariette Rennie
– Welcome to New Members by Tim Gee
– Cock-a Doodle-Doo! by Pearl Foy-Stubley
– Apologies to New Members by Joanne Richards
– Exhibitions Officer by Pat Jeffs
– Wonderful Watercolours & Amiable Animals by Joanne Richards
– Kiln Comparisons by Phyllida Horniman
– Photography Workshop by Beverley Green
– Bickleigh Kiln Firing Weekend by Karen Edwards
– Hatfield? by Karen Edwards
– I Was Asked ‘‘Have You Thought of Joining the WPA?’‘ by Alison Fife
– Tim Gee Visit – Latest by Tony Smither
– Working Towards My First Solo Show by Ed Silverton
– Je Ne Regrette Rien by Margaret Pilkington
– The Torbay Festival Proposal by Tony Smither
– Philip Simmonds – Workshop Visit by Tony Smither
– Ceramic Colours – Clay by Doreen Gardner
– Turner Prize by Joanne Richards

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