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WPA Newsletter 72 - October 2004


This newsletter, edited by Doreen Gardner and Tony Smither, includes:
– Events and Exhibitions by Andrew Bryden
– Your Association Needs You!
– Website News by Tony Smither
– Letter to the Editors
– Committee Meeting Report from Doreen Gardner
– Potter’s Tips by Mariette Rennie

– Art in Clay @ Hatfield House – Four Impressions by Sue Rouillard, Karen Edwards
Nic Harrison and Mariette Rennie
– Post-Christmas Get-Together by Karen Edwards
– Clay 11 at Woodbury by Tony Smither
– Potfest South West by Doreen Gardner
– Potfest South West by Jo Pearce
– Richard Slee – Lecture at the Devon Guild by Hilary Luce
– Pottery Fair by Mariette Rennie

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