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WPA Newsletter 76 - June 2005


This newsletter, edited by Doreen Gardner and Tony Smither, includes:
– Events and Exhibitions by Andrew Bryden
– Information about Amanda Popham at the Devon Guild by Hilary Luce
– Big Pots by Alison Fife
– Potters’ Portfolio by Katie Vamos

– Activity Fees Increase – Why? by Doreen Gardner
– Welcome to New Members by Tim Gee
– John Wheeldon – Fumed Raku by Sandra Hare
– 50 – Celebrating 50 Years of the Devon Guild of Craftsmen
– Teaching Pottery? You Could Be Sued! by Doreen Gardner
– Potfest Southwest by Karen Edwards
– The New Publicity Officer by Joanna Hicks
– Raku Social Event at Peter & Vera Stride’s Home by Peter Stride
– Elisabeth Hadley’s ‘Mermaid’ by Peter Stride
– Cardew Ceramic Studio Opens by Sharon Wall
– 68th Committee Meeting Report by Tony Smither
– Preview of Workshop Visit to Amanda Popham by Karen Edwards
– Eavesdroppings by Doreen Gardner
– Obituary for Eileen Lewenstein by Tony Smither
– Preview of Workshop Visit to Paul Jackson by Karen Edwards
– Article about Fremington Red Clay by Christopher Chanter

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