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WPA Newsletter 78 - December 2005


This newsletter, edited by Doreen Gardner and Tony Smither, includes:
– Events and Exhibitions by Andrew Bryden
– Letter to the Editors by Andrew Bryden
– Details of Nic Harrison’s New Gallery by Nic Harrison
– Post-Christmas Get-Together Lunch by Karen Edwards
– Report and Photographs of Workshop Visit to Amanda Popham by Rod and Bunty Pike
AGM Stalls Update by Joanne Richards
– Pottery and Sculpture Classes by Ama Menec
– A Few Throwing Tips by Gilda Westermann
– Article entitled ‘Imerys Workers Laid Off’ by Tony Smither
– Preview of Kevin de Choisy Demonstration
– Obituary for Sidney Tustin by Ron Wheeler
– Article and Photograph entitled ‘The Last Chelsea?’ by Tim Gee
– Article and Photographs on Molochite at the Parkandillick Calciner by Tony Smither
– Report and Photographs from Workshop Visit to Paul Jackson by Jaye Guest
– Report and Photographs from Tim Andrews’ Exhibition ‘Clay 12’ by Treston Holmes
– Book Reviews by Roger Bell
– Committee Meeting Report by Doreen Gardner
– Article and Photograph entitled ‘How Was It For You?’ by Liz Challis
– Comments from WPA Members at Hatfield 2005: Tim Andrews, Tim Gee, Nic Harrison, Doreen Gardner, Tony Smither plus WPA visitors Frank Martin and Eric Saxby

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